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So i'm a complete noob when it comes to FP. Right now it looks like i'll be purchasing the Mitsubishi hd1000u. My biggest issues seem to be with making a screen. I'm not sure about the instructions for how to do it. First of all, is using MDF (3/4") a decent choice for my 16:9 screen. I realize its heavy, but i like the fact that its pretty smooth, and probably resistant to bending.

Next issue is weather or not Behr SS is a good choice for me. ATM, i can completely blackout the room. The FP will be ceiling mounted. To be honest i dont know what my preferances are, so im just looking for a decent place to start in terms of having a good screen.

Next question is about mixing the paints. What does 20/48ths mean? Am i just mixing these colors together prior to rolling on? And can i find these paint colors or equivalents at Lowes?

Here's the formula for SS

Generic Formula of Behr SS:

1 gallon flat white latex base

20/48ths of Lamp Black

20/48ths of Raw Umber (a dark, murky yellow/orange-based pigment)

2/48ths of Red

Any advice would be greatly appriciated.

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Have a read of the top sticky guide for info.

Possibly have a look at the fneasy style, that is quite simple with effective results.

Some ppl have problems with SS others have success. Type and style of PJ has some influence on the outcome as the out of the box PJ defaults can(usually) be a little wonky(all brands).

Keep it simple for a start, have a read of the DIY guides, follow them and you should be on the right track.

I also recommend getting a calibration DVD(cheap, can only set Brightness, contrast, color,tint(too a degree)) or have the PJ and screen dialed in by a ISF Calibrator(modest cost, best result). This will cure most ills unless something is really wrong.

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I came here 2 or so weeks ago with the same situation that you're in. Here's my thread

I went with the following combination: FnEasy DIY Screen Pain Solution

I used the FnEasy-04 as recommended for my home theater setup (described below).

I followed this thread to help me decide:
Beginner's Guide To Diy Screens

My screen:

I used the actual wall as my screen. Here's my step:

- Patched any holes or imperfection and sanded it smooth.

- Painted with Premium Kilz primer 4 times. I can stop at 2 coating but I wanted to completely get rid of any hot spottings from the spackle

- Sanded it lightly to remove any debris from painting and make sure that it's smooth.

- Painted 2 coatings of the FnEasy-04 paint (let 1st coat dry before 2nd coat)

- Waited over 12 hours to let paint dry

- Painted 2 coatings of the recommended Polyurethane. I ended up using the American Traditions brand as I couldn't find the Behr brand.

Based on my experience, the Poly made a VERY BIG difference in hiding any imperfection on the wall. I was watching a movie on each coat of paint
I also created the borders with velvet cloth wrapped on it and boy that made a big difference too. It actually gives you a flat screen experience after putting up the borders.

Honestly, I went this route because I was so excited to get my Home theater setup. I was actually prepared to buy the laminate after my first primer painting, BUT after everything was completed and dried up. I'm very satisfied with the result. This setup will probably stay for a bit longer or until I decide to make room for a bigger screen size

I haven't posted anything to thank those who helped me at this forum because I want to post some photos to back it up. I'm still waiting for draperies to arrive. But let me say a special thanks to "tiddler" who have helped me all the way. He just made me love canadians more

My Setup:

- Optoma HD 70

- Screen size: 96"

- Screen wall and ceiling painted with dark gray (almost black).

- Side walls are painted medium gray.

- I have complete control over lighting, I'm still waiting for draperies to come before I will post photos

Hope that helps.
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