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Help Me Make The Best Of It

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I've posted the same question under the Speaker forum, but it applies here as well.

My mother recently made a purchase without researching or consulting. I'd like to help get this working, but lack the A/V knowledge to point her in the right direction. She has a 7.2 surround system (Acoustic Audio HD725), with two 10" passive subs. Please help me make this work for her.

1. What type of receiver/amp does she need to purchase for this speaker set? She is by no means an audiophile, and I know these speakers are probably crap, but anything will be way better than she has now. Is there a receiver/amp (single unit) that has connections for two separate passive subs or will she have to purchase a receiver and an amp and a splitter to piece this together?

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Get one or two Good powered Subs..

Then most any mid-level receiver should fit your needs
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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