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So I have a DVHS deck that I bought for nearly $1000 a few years ago. I bought a few Dtheater tapes (like 5) and that I all it is used for.

I have a bunch of home videos on my computer. They are in wmv & DV (the more recent ones) & various other formats.

Using FFMPEG I have tried creating mpeg2 ts files, but every time, after a few minutes, it just blocks up and then locks up. I *think* that it has something to do with the bitrate (the machine also keeps blinking back and forth between STD & HS which it should stay at STD).

What is the best way to re-encode files so they are compatible. I already know how to transfer them using CAPDvhs- they just freeze and die after a few minutes.

My older stuff is in NTSC so I wanted to encode to mpeg2 TS 480p and record at STD (through firewire, I don't wanna do capture) and my newer stuff is HD so I want to encode at mpeg2 TS 1080i.

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