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Hi all,

I am in the market for a budget receiver and/or amp.

I recently acquired a set of JBL Stadium Venue tower speakers which take 110w continuous @ 8ohm. My understanding is that these guys are power hungry. I'm only into music and listen to a wide variety of it, from classical to reggae to electronica to folk. I want accurate and warm sound and would like to be able to crank these JBL's every once in a while for dancing with friends. I do not see myself using anything more than 2 channels in the future. So, if you would be so kind can you rate these options as far as bang for the buck. Bang being my desired qualities.

a. Someone in my neighborhood has a gently used Onkyo TX-SR506 for $150obo

b. refurbed Onkyo TX-8522

c. refurbed Onkyo M-282, paired with one of the mentioned receivers, any suggestions? can this be paired with something even more stripped down than a reciever?

d. refurbed HK AVR 3490

e. any other HK refurb, suggestions?

thanks so much for taking the time to wade through my thoughts. Cheers and happy listening!


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Originally Posted by datriksta /forum/post/17002679


Not a receiver but one heck of a 2 channel amp for music...

I have it and it is outstanding. Got it for $320 from 6th Avenue's last NAME YOUR PRICE Sale...

Good luck...
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