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Help me plan my HT installation

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Hi everyone,

I'm planning to add some HT equipment to my basement and I wanted your advice while planning it. Big Thanks to anyone who reads this and contributes!!


* I'm not planning on building out a dedicated media room - just want to add a TV and some surround speakers to an existing basement.

* I have some latitude on budget but was thinking 2-3k USD

* I'd prefer to do the work (e.g. wiring) myself and I'm not that handy. I'd bring it a pro if it was worth it though.


* Roughly an L-shaped basement.

* Ceilings are around 7.5 feet

* Only two small 'well' windows that let it very little light (they sit under an overhang from the room above it, roughly 1' x 2')

* We already own the two couches - other furniture would have to be purchased.


* My #1 current question is about placement. I've drawn up three options and this is the main think I would like opinions on.

* My other question is really about equipment - see the equipment section below. Is the TV I'm considering going to work for the distances involved, and will the speakers perform well in what is a quite large space.

(Pls see attachments for floor plans)


* What I like about option 1 is that there is a couch pointed directly at the TV. But what I don't like is that the 2nd couch is away to the side.

* Wiring the right surround speaker would be tough as well - I'd need to get a pro in to feed a wire through the ceiling most likely.


* I like the 'theater-like' feeling of this option and that we'd be closer to the TV (I'd have to buy the two armchairs though)

* Leaves a lot of open space elsewhere in the basement.

* It might feel a bit cramped and there's little space for adding more kid seats/beanbags on the floor for larger crowds

* One wiring/installation challenge - the left surround speaker this time.


* I like that both couches are symmetrically placed, although neither is head-on to the TV.

* Speakers are all easy to wire


Receiver: Current pick is the Denon AVR-1912 ($550)
TV: Current pick is a Samsung plasma, 51" (likely) or 59" (seems expensive for the extra inches) ($1000 for the Samsung PN51D550, $1600 for 59" versoin)
Speakers: I was going to buy new but before I do, I was going to try a set I have sitting in storage from about 7 years ago: jbl scs150si. If I was buying new, I was going to go for either the Energy Take Classic 5.1 or the Pioneer SP-PK21BS pack. Probably the latter, as long as I'm comfortable with the size.

* Should I go with the larger TV? Is it worth the extra?

* Will the small speakers (energy's) work in the large room, or will be Pioneers be better?

Thanks again!!

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