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Help me put together a bedroom HT audio system

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I’m guessing this is the right place for this, if it’s not then I’ll apologize in advance.

Anyway, around Memorial Day I plan on adding a true home theater to my bedroom to replace my old 27†Samsung SD CRT. I have a pretty good idea as to what I want on the video end (Sony Bravia 40S2000 or Panny 37PX60U) but I’m clueless when it comes to the audio set up.

To start off with I’m not an audiophile and I’ve never had a surround system before. My room is about 9’X13’ so I doubt I’ll need a monster system to be happy. My maximum budget is about $800 (for the audio system) however I would prefer to spend around $500-600. This system will mainly be used for DVDs and Video games. I may listen to some music on it but I mainly use my PC for my music and I already have some decent Logitech speakers for that.

For sound quality I’m mainly concerned with clear crisp sound. I really don’t like my TV to be that loud as long as I can understand what is being said (I think a system with a really nice center channel would be a good fit for me) The only real stipulation I have is that the receiver has to have true component switching with at least 3 inputs. I would also like something I can get at a local store (Best Buy, Circuit City, Conns, and Sears are about the only electronic dealers in my area) but I would order online if I had to.

I have a few things in mind already but I’d really like some suggestions from you guys who actually know about this stuff.

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So you're looking for a receiver and 5.1 speaker system for a max of $800?

Well, in that price range you're looking mostly at HTIB systems, which just about universally suck.

Personally I would check out ebay and audiogon and find a good used receiver for as cheap as you can get it.

Then get a 5.1 speaker system from www.fluance.com They're pretty darn good for the price.

*edit* Actually my math was off. If you buy a 5.1 system from fluance you'll have enough money left to get a decent receiver that should do what you need.
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No offense, but stay away from the local stores and order online. Athena speakers are good for the price.



http://www.onecall.com/ProductDetail...d=458&id=21573 along with


add a receiver meeting your requirements for around $300 and you're set
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