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Hello everyone,

I used this site to get a great deal on some really nice on wall NHTs about 2 years ago. They really make this room sound great. The room has large openings and is currently 21' x 23'

I got these in gray and painted them to match the walls and then used a fabric cover to dress up the screens.

Well now we are doing an upstairs and this wall will be moved into the living room 4' so now we are 21x19 ish with an additional large opening for the staircase.

The wife really doesn't like the bulk of these speakers
I'm thinking of satisfying her with in walls, something pretty nice.

I just saw the Energy deal posted but their LR speakers are huge! 26" x 11" wow that is too large. I'm thinking of the v2.2HM square ones in 5 places but would that be good enough for left rights?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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