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Hey guys,

I'm new here and I've done some research, but man this is just too much to take in without asking some questions...

So I'm trying to set up a 5.1 system in my room, ill describe it in a second. I currently have a Sony DN1030 receiver, and two Speaker Craft CRS3 in ceiling and a Polk Audio Micro Pro 1000.

Ok room description:

22 X 20 (open to kitchen so extends an extra 10 feet all the way so total space is 22 X 30.) and 12 foot ceilings.

55" TV mounted above fireplace, two Speaker Craft CRS3 mounted in ceiling at about 19' from TV, and has a 8" crown molding and a 18" mini drop wall to separate the living room from the kitchen. Its about 6" wide and runs the whole length of the room. Hard wood floors and windows on the majority of one full wall.

So I have a budget of $700 for the front L/C/R. I was thinking about selling the Micro Pro 1000 and going with a larger sub.

I was looking at getting the Def Tech Mythos 2/3, Mythos 6/7 or the Pro1000/2000.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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