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Ok, so I've got about a grand burning a hole in my wallet and I'm not sure what I should get. Here's what I have already

TV: Panny 50" PDP 9th gen, 720p commercial model.

Receiver: Outlaw 1070

Blu-ray: Sammy BDP 1500

L/R: Polk RTi70's

Center: Polk CSi3

Surrounds: Super cheap, i'm embarassed to say, but they make sound, lol.

Sub: Vintage Velodyne ULD-15.

So here's the deal, the outlaw doesn't do TrueHD, or DTSHD:MA, and i'm not too keen on my speakers, would like to upgrade also, and the TV doesn't do 1080p24. So it's like I am one step behind on everything

I can get the Energy RC-70's Rosenut for around $500 and the RC-LCR for $300, that puts me over budget a little bit but I can swallow it. Or I could get a really nice receiver like an SC-07 for around a grand. I was also considering getting the Oppo BDP-83. The TV I want is the Pio 600m, but that's 3k, which ain't happening soon. I was also considering getting an Epik Dynasty sub.

The thing about upgrading speakers is that they will last me for years to come. If I upgrade the receiver, do you guys think that it will be obsolete in a few years like the Outlaw was? I'm at a loss, someone help!

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If you and I buy the RC-LCR in Rosenut from Vann's then according to Amazon, they'll be out of them. I've been trying to pre-order the RC-70s in Rosenut from Vann's but that webpage keeps acting up.

Somewhere I remember hearing/reading (from someone from Energy?) that Energy speakers sound better with Denon receivers... but I wonder if that should be true.
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