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I'm a future HTPC builder. I'm finishing my attic were I want to install a LCD projector. My PIII500MHz is also dying and I'm gonna buy a new PC so 2+2...

I was thinking about using a PC to play DVD's and DIVx and make it an entertainmente center. But I had a lot of doubts concerning audio out, audio formats, etc. Anyway I (re)found this forum and (almost) all my doubts have gone. I didn't imagine that an HTPC was such a high-end video platform. So after reading the faq's and most forum threads, I know were I want to go... :)

I have to make some initial quick decisions relating to cables since the attic is almost finished and there is some doubts that I must address.

I appreciate all your input to help me take the right decisions. I don't want to rush in, but I need to act fast and right, if I don't want to rip off the wood floor, or ceiling, or pass cables all around me, later.

There are a few things I already know:

- I will go LCD (I'm a rainbow man, so one less decision to take)

- I want to use my HTPC as a GAMEPC, HIFIPC, WWWPC, MP3PC, YOUNAMEITPC, so I wont'g go for a M-AUDIO (at least not now). I guess a cheap audigy with a SPDIF will satisfy my games and my cinema.

- I will go for an ATI also. Not shure what, but a 9xxx series would be fine. I need to check the DVI or components video out on the differente models.

And now I'm arriving to the part that I have more doubts.

I was looking for a LCD projector, and I had a few low-end winners Sanyo PLV-Z1 or Panasonic PT-L300U. They have great reviews, but since I'm going to use it for data only, my mind is blurred now. Are those good choices? Or am I judging by the wrong parameteres. Is there low-end stuff that produces great data signal. SInce I'm not using projector internals for conversion.

- I (guess) I prefer 16:9 unless the are some HTPC caveats that I'm not aware (besides the usual 4:3 grey bar stuff...)

The sanyo doesn't have DVI the Panasonic does. The PC will be a good 8 meters away from the projector (the cable needs to go through the celling). Is this a limitng factor? I read somewhere that the max DVI cable lenght is 5 meters/16 feet ? Is this a limitation? And components can be any greater? Or VGA?

Also I need to pass the cable after, since monday they are going to finish the ceiling. I'll have to make the cable myself (solder the plugs) Ouch! 17 wires.

So this cable stuff is beeing the limitation here. I thing components or VGA are also excellent choices and maybe I can forget DVI and buy a much cheaper projector. I need your help now guys.


Paulo Pires
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