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Help me with chosing the right receiver

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im about to finish my home theater and im wondering receiver would be best for me. my mains are definitive supertowers the 7002's and ill be taking a signal from a ps3, a 360 with hd dvd add on, and a digital cable box. should i get a dennon 2807 or get a onkyo 605?? should i wait until i can get the onkyo 875 in july. my main concern is i want a single hdmi out video solution that will upscale all non 1080p signals to 1080p as well as be able to receive the high def audio codecs such as uncompressed pcm, dolby true hd and dts-hd (i know this one is still kinda grey area right now). also my setup is a 7.1 if that helps. thanks in advnace
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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