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Help Me!

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My first post bear with me....

2.5 years ago I built my house with little knowledge of what needed to be in a structured wiring system. i knew i wanted cat5e and cable but I didn't know much else.

well now I am trying to network my house using the existing cat5e that runs to every room (mostly a single run to each room except the office has two sep runs)

I started investigating and it appears that my box serves really only as a switchbox for phone and cable. Every jack is being utilized as a phone jack. So I did some research. Phone lines uses one strand(2 wires) that leaves 3 strands on cat5e. I only need two strands to run network, so I'll just pull 4 wires and add a plug and be in business. Well, it appears that doesn't work?

In my office I could put a 2 line jack at one point and free up the other cat5e for network but that does nothing for the other rooms that only have a single outlet. is there a way to either, at the wall split the cat5e into network/phone or at the box?

If I split the wires at the wall, now a single cat5e has one strand as phone and 2 strands as network. Where do I put the router?

I planned initially on putting the router on my desk and running cable modem-->router--> one output would go to my office computer and another output would feed into the wall and essentially feed the network retrograde to all live ports in the house? Would this work?

Am I forced to run more wire and restructure my wiring box?

i am using a leviton enclosure with part #47603 as the structured wiring distrib box.

Wireless is an option too but I hate to let all that bandwidth go to waste on the existing wires! Plus less secure than the wired system.

besides will the wirelss cover my ~4000 sq ft 2 story house and allow me to use my winTV PVR and "media MVP" to stream pvr content to all TVs in the house?

Please help


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On a 100mb network, orange and green pairs are for data. Blue and brown are unused. So yes you can split the pairs up for phone/data. It's just a real PITA. So you have to split the line at both ends. Not the ideal situation. Note that per spec's on data you should not leave more than 1/2 inch of the wire exposed(without insulation).

Modem and router can be in your office. Feeding the network panel from the office.

Maybe go wireless phones, ha,ha!
Originally Posted by fasteddielv
Note that per spec's on data you should not leave more than 1/2 inch of the wire exposed(without insulation).
Untwisted...No more than 1/2" untwisted.

Although, as long as the housing is still on it then it's probably not untwisted anyway so theoretically that is still correct in a way. :)
If you want to run gig over your 5e you need all the wires.
If you have not made your own Cat5 cables/connections before, this can be a PITA as mentioned above. There are Cat5 voice/data splitters available (do a google search on "voice data splitter". They range from $10-$20 ea, and must be used in pairs. Make sure you look specifically for Voice/Data. There are also Data (ethernet) only splitters. These would not work for your phones without modification. Ethernet uses wires 1,2,3 and 6 of a 4pr cable/jack. Voice uses the center 2 wires (4 and 5 of a 4pr cable/jack). The splitter must split these wires accordingly.
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