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I just finished renovating my living room. Unfortunately in this new living room the only place to mount my TV is above the fireplace mantle. I told myself I would buy a new TV when I bought a new house and I wound up going with a 75" display that occupies pretty much all of the vertical space above the fireplace with exception of 11 inches. I tried to convince myself that a 65 inch display would be sufficient but I failed, I really want the 75 inch display!

I have an LCR set of MK S150s driven by a Sherwood Newcastle A-965 7x monoblock amp. The vertical dimension is 12.5 inches on the s-150 speaker which means I basically have exactly 1.5 inches less than I need in vertical clearance to map the speaker above the display. After some thinking a few of my options are:

1. Purchase a new left or right S – 150 speaker (with an angled face) mounted above the television and rotated 90° to gain the several inches of vertical clearance Necessary to mount the speaker.

2. Purchase a different model MK speaker ( such as a 750) that will fit nicely above the screen.

3. Purchase a high quality Sound bar of some sort (if such a thing exists) Place it on the mantle and elevate the TV.

4. Brand Mix with a new center?

5. Replace LCR with new, smaller speakers (budget $2500) In-wall speakers will not work in this house as the wall above the fireplace is plaster over brick

Any input or other options would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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