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In a week or so I will be receiving my new Panasonic 65VT25 and am going to mount it. I am looking on Monoprice.com for mounts and am confused. I've never mounted a TV this large before and want to make sure I am getting something that will work.

I have been reading on MP.com and looked at one that's rated for up to 73" and 300 lbs. Here's the description:


- Supports VESA compliant mounting patterns up to 850x750.

- Minimum VESA mounting pattern: 400x400. This mount is NOT compatible with displays that have mounting patterns smaller than 400x400.

- Maximum weight capacity: 300lbs (136kg)

- Convenient and easy to use tilt lock lever.

- Includes all necessary mounting hardware for mounting to wooden studs, concrete, or solid block.

- Distance from the wall when fully retracted: 5".

- Extension arm reaches a maximum of 30" from the wall when fully extended.

- Integrated cable management covers.

- Wall plate dimensions: 18.5" wide x 11.25" tall.

- Maximum tilt: 15 degrees.

- Maximum swivel: 90 degrees in each direction left/right (180 degrees).

I have been looking online trying to find out if my TV has the VESA mounting pattern (waht ever that is) and if the pattern is larger than 400x400 and not greater than 850x750

ANY help will be appreciated. I don't know what to really look for since I can't come across anything online (yet).

Also, I was thinking of getting a full motion mount just to make it easier to reach the cables if I ever have to get behind the TV. IF, I went w/ a tilting mount, would I still be able to access the inputs? I looked on the TV and they're right on the left back side, but if the TV is only a couple inches away from the wall, was thinking might be best to get a full motion one, am I thinking correctly?

Thanks for any help!!!
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