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Help! My Dad Wants to Buy Bose!

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Hi AVS Forum,

When my dad went to HHGregg in search of a HTIB, the salesmen instantly pointed him towards the $2000 Bose LST20 and cranked up the volume. My dad was impressed and ready to buy...I'm no expert by any means, but I knew we could get better sound quality for less money and convinced him to put off the purchase.

He'll be using this system to listen to a lot of music, in addition to movies from the 55" Samsung LED he just purchased. Please help me find a HTIB or set of components for a system totaling $1000-$1500 that'll blow away the Bose!

Thanks in advance!
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Take your pick. Just about any will blow away the Bose system.

Originally Posted by davyo /forum/post/20818746

My opinion, I think Onkyo and Yamaha made the best HTiB systems.





I agree. I have a Yamaha and am very happy with it.
Hello Kynos, if you are looking to get into the $1k to $1,500 area I would highley suggest to get "seperates" as that would be the way to go!! You can get quite an excellent sound system for that amount and prob. still save money
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$1000-1500 can get you a pretty decent system. Considering that I got all my components for around $1200 (not including a Blu-ray player), I'll go ahead and suggest this system:

Receiver: Denon 1912 for around $550.

Speakers: Jamo S606 5.0 Set for around $400.

Sub: BIC F-12 America for around $200 (Amazon recently had it for $186 or so).

That along with speaker wires and cables from Monoprice should top you out at around $1200 or so. That leaves about $300 for media streamers or a Blu-ray player (unless you already have one).

If your pops don't mind bigger speakers, these will sound great and nevertheless blow away the Bose set. If your father needs any further convincing for staying away from Bose systems, check out this link:

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Towards the upper end of your budget, you should be able to get a Paradigm set consisting of the MilleniaOne 5.0. Throw in a suitable matching subwoofer from Paradigm, and you'd have a system that will trounce Bose.

Check out this review:


The Seismic 110 will put you well over your budget, but replace it with a less sub in Paradigms lineup. Depending on discounting, you might be able to swing a deal for the MilleniaOne 5.0 and MilleniaSub, but it will be pushing the upper range of your budget.
Never mind. I thought the poster was looking for a speaker system only. I didn't realize he also needs a receiver to be included in that price.

Rather than the Paradigms, you might consider a receiver to go with the Energy Classic Take 5.1 system.
another Bose thread about good old Dad .. gee, we need more of these ..
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Originally Posted by mgkdragn /forum/post/20828343

another Bose thread about good old Dad .. gee, we need more of these ..

Yeah tell me about it.

We need another one of these just as much as as we need a sarcastic reply to it.
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