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I have the full version of Nero 8 with the bluray/ HD DVD plugin (I needed it for DTS playback). I also have the multichannel plugin as well.

When I open showtime on my laptop, I am able to choose SPDIF out as well as pass thru (which decodes the audio to Dolby - even if it is DTS). On my HTPC it is not listed as an option... only the pass thru.

One of the changes in Nero 8 was supposed to be the addition of an spdif. I have it installed on both from the same program and also checked to make sure both were updated.

My laptop is an HP DV4150. I honestly do not see a spdif out port on it.. but maybe their is one internally that was an option. My HTPC is using a Turtle Beach Riviera with optical spdif out. I checked the control panel and I do have spdif out enable at 48khz.

I have no problem outputting via optical on WinDVD, Zoomplayer with the CCCD codec or other programs.

I guess I could reinstall using the nero clean tool. Now that I am thinking of it, I had to do that on my laptop when I upgrade from 7.10. But I am thinking that my sound card is not compatible. Worste case scenario, I guess I could just use the 6 channel analog out to my onkyo instead of the optical. I just hate having to use so many cords.

Before anyone posts "you should try this program instead", I have. I think I have used every program there is. There are only 3 programs as of now that run HD content (arcsoft, cyberlink and Nero). I am trying to consolidate my programs.

I am currently using J River, Zoomplayer with CCCD (FFDshow), WinDVD, PowerDVD, Xlobby 2, Total Media 3.0, Nero 8 retail full, Divx 6.1.... I am trying to eleminate many of these overlapping players.

I like FFDshow alot but, it is not THAT much better than Nero showtime 4. Plus Showtime will already play HD DVD and Bluray (it is pretty cool - I can already play with the settings although I don't have a drive installed yet.) I am giving up on xlobby, zoomplayer, windvd, powerdvd.

I am cutting down to just J River for a front end organizer (I have it set to load ISOs and autoplay with Nero), Total Media 3.0 for TV tuner functions (kworld plustv HD) and Nero suite for loading ISOs with imagedrive, encoding H264, playing DVD ISOs (and eventually HD DVD/BR ISOs), burning the ocassional data disc.

It is ashame Nero's HTPC frontend is only in its first stages. If it was more advance, I might start using that instead of JRiver.
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