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HELP! Need UN60HU8550FXZA calibration settings

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HI Just purchased the samsung UN60HU8550FXZA UHD and cannot find the best calibration settings for it!
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Welcome to the forum. This is from the "sticky" threads at the top of this section of the forum. The stickies are retained in various sections of the forum because they offer enduring educational value specific to the topic of that section. Many novices are simply misinformed or have mistaken presumptions about display calibration. This, and other sticky threads should help address your interest:

'Sharing display menu settings?'


You are in a Display Calibration forum. Without wanting to step all over you, it is a probably a good idea to understand the definition of the word Calibration first.

Calibration ... To fine tune / adjust to a known standard / measure.


This article discusses the real odds that you are facing when you decide to copy settings. And that is what you are asking for.

Summary .. you have less than 4% chance to do better than stock settings in the TV. That said ... you have a greater than 96% chance of doing no better or worse than the same stock settings. But since you can never verify without gear and knowledge if you are truly in the 4% or 96% group ... the stats don't matter and it is simply a game to find settings you like ... liking .. doesn't make it correct ... 2+2=98 ... I can like that a whole lot, but it is still wrong. You just swap out one type of wrong answer for another one since the correct answer does not matter to you.

If verification is not important to you, then you are no longer talking about calibration (see definition above. ) ... and why are you in a calibration forum ...?

The stock Movie mode in the Samsung Sets are the most accurate for out of the box settings. If you don't like those, then move onto the portion below ...


Give this article a read. It covers your real options for getting to a better image on the TV. Real tangible results. The only real path to better viewing.

A summary is:

1. Get a test disc and follow the instructions. (free-$40) If you follow the instructions correctly ... things get better ... if you don't ... well.

2. Get hardware and software along with the test disc and learn how to do all this yourself. Spend the next year scrounging around on the net looking for info. You might get to a better picture eventually. ($150-$500) Just like buying a pro camera does not mean you suddenly take professional level pictures. Learning not included when you buy a hammer. (They don't teach you how to build a house.)

3. Hire a good professional to calibrate your TV and you get to the best end result in about 3-4 hours. ($250-$450) If you hire a bad one ... well who knows what you end up with. This is not exactly unique to the world of calibration ...

4. Get professional level training along with the hardware and software. Training can cost ($100-$2000) and paying more does not guarantee you get better training. Add this to the hardware and software costs. You can actually get pretty damn good training for as little as $100 ...

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