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trying to create a DivX out of a portion of an MMS stream

1. MMS stream was dumped to a file (RAW) in VLC (version 0.8.6)

2. Dr DivX (version 2.0.1 beta) can not open this RAW file (plus Dr DivX doesn't do portion-only processing, right? It would reencode an entire file, which I don't need)

3 VLC opens the RAW file just fine, but I cannot extract a portion of it (I guess because it treats this RAW file just like a stream, so it doesn't know its length, etc)

4. I need to re-encode it with VLC

5. Extract portion of the re-encoded file with VLC

6. re-encode output of step 5 with Dr. DivX.

My main question is on step 4. VLC gives you a bunch of Video and Audio codecs to choose from (to re-encode). What combination should I pick? Also, I assume reencoding options in step 5 should match those in step 4, right?

Also is there an easier way to achieve what I am trying to achieve (with freeware/shareware only)?

Any other help/suggestions?

thanks in advance
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