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Any help on the following would be really appreciated:

I've set up my new Denon AVR2309CI with cable TV and my Samsung LNT4053 LCD (720p) TV using HDMI connectors and it works great. However, when adding my HTPC I'm running into a resolution issue. My PC has a GeForce 7300GT graphics card with DVI out. When this is connected directly to the HDMI in (#2) on the TV, resolution is 1360 by 768 (60Hz) and the desktop looks crystal. However, when I put this through the AVR (DVI to HDMI), the resolution is awful, screen size is off bigstyle and shading/flickering everywhere. I open NVIDIA control panel and 1360/768 isn't available. When I create a custom resolution (as I read on another thread) and input 1360/768 plus other settings noted from before, my Samsung says 'mode not supported'. I tried resizing the screen etc. at other resolutions but the definition is poor. In the NVIDIA control panel you can adjust the HD output quality. When its the DVI-HDMI connection without the AVR, 'non-HD' is the only option (this is when it looks great). With the AVR I can choose 720p, but it doesn't help.

I can't understand why my 720p TV can't resolve a 720p signal at 1360 by 768. My movie quality playback is so-so without the AVR and its blocky. Despite the desktop resolution being really bad, I checked a movie with the 7300 at 720p and it looked much better.

My drivers and Samsung software are up to date. Can anybody help? Can anyone recommend a different graphics card, or is the TV the limit here?

Thanks in advance.
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