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Help needed in planning DIY subwoofer

Hello Folks,
I have been following up the DIY forum here and getting inspired to start planning on my DIY sub(s). Currently I have a basement that is unfinished, but I am going to have a dedicated theater room (18X10) build up with help of one of my friend. (I will start thread in home theater section to get advised on every step.

my current sound set up is below :
  • Def tech 8060st - left and right
  • def tech CS8040HD - center
  • def tech BP8040 surrounds
  • PIONEER VSX-70 ELITE 7.2 channel
  • Benq W1070
So far I was adjusting with inbuilt woofer in the towers, however I was determined to add a woofer (or 2) when I move in my house. Currently in my house, I am planning to add theater by next summer and I am planning to add 4 subwoofers to my HT set up (one on each corner of the room).

Question 1: Please ignore my very limited knowledge on wiring terms, connections Etc. I have attached diagram of what I am trying to achieve in this project. My current receiver has 2 LFE, I was planning to hook up both channels of each inuke 3000DSP to LFE connections with a Y splitter. each channel will be connected to one sub. Is this doable? will it work? is there any better way to connect all 4 subs amps and subsequently to my receiver.

Question 2: will dayton ultimax 15 inch DVC work well in this config. for the smaller room will this be overkill?

Question 3: The Subdesign I am following is going to be 4 marty cubes ? will 15" driver perform well or I need to go for micro?

Question 4: Will 3000 DSP is okay or I have to upgrade to 6000DSP?

I read so many times that addiction to this forum is expensive option, and I do feel now. I started with plan of 4 sub and already adding ideas of having rear surround as well :)))


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