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Hi , im looking for a 42 " lcd tv with a contrast ratio of 50 000 : 1 that has a matte screen.

The tv's that im looking at are the LG60 and 70 series , Sony z4100 series and the samsung 650,750 series.

The samsung 650 and 750 screen seem to be very glossy so i checked for the sony z4100 series but they seem to be very expensive for what they offer finally LG seem to be a lot more affordable and seem to offer a very good product.

The only thing is that the LG60 is 50 000 : 1 of dynamic contrast and the LG70 is 40 000 : 1 is this noticeable ?

I really don't know much about Panasonic,Sharp and Toshiba but maybe someone here can recommend me a model.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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