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Hi all.

Here is my planned set up.

Inputs: PS3, HDTVCable, DVD Player, PVR

Mid Gear: 4x4 Component Video Matrix (Videostorm CMX44) and Russound CAM 6.6

Outputs: 1080i LG Plasma, 1080p Samsung LCD, 720 BENQ Projector.

IR: Using wall plate eyes (Russound UnoS1) from russound in each zone to bring IR signals back to central gear and then using common IR out on the Russound through the Russound 857 block to emit blasters on the components.

Speakers (all audio) is via russound and in-ceiling speakers, except where the projector is (HT room) where the audio goes through DENON amp and into 5.1

My big concern here is this: I havent bought the Video Matrix or the PVR yet and I am already worried about control. I am being pushed to Control4 or other fancy solutions by "pros", but I dont really want to spend that much more (Ive spent alot already). I am also being encouraged to use RF Universal Remote products, since they are supposed to be flexible and easy, and use RF which is better then the IR solution I dreamed up.

Can someone walk me off the ledge here and propose some good, simple control options that lever what I have in place (or alternatives)? Im going to 3 zones, so I need 3 remotes and I would like to set up macros such that its easy for the wife (or others) to get things working.

The goal is any source to any or all inputs (duh) and getting the Russound and the AV Matix meshed up with simpe remote commands.


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