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I'm going to ask some pretty basic questions, so please don't get upset. I've spent about four hours or so trying to figure this out.

I wanted to try and copy a DVD movie. My DVDRW+/- came with the Nero suite of software. I installed the software and upgraded it from the Nero web site.

I don't have a blank DVD media right now, so I decided to make a copy to a hard drive.

1. I used Nero Recode for this purpose. In the main dialog, I chose "Recode an Entire DVD on DVD". This seems to have worked as Nero Recode created a folder on the HD with a bunch of files. However, I can't play that DVD from the folder for some reason. The error message says, "Sorry, the folder you have selected doesn't contain a valid DVD video, SVCD or VCD structure. Please use the 'Media Files' function to browse and play back files from this folder". So, the first question, why can't I play the movie from this folder as if it were a DVD?

2. I then decided to digitize this movie. I use the Nero Recode again, but this time choose "Recode DVD and Movies to Nero Digital". I used the folder with the copied DVD as the source, and I used another folder as the destination. It took 5 1/2 hours for the process to complete. So, the second question is, is this normal to take so long?

3. When the process finally ended, this destination folder was filled with a bunch of.mp4 files. I opened Nero Showtime and selected this folder as the source. Nero Showtime started playing the movie right away. I could select among the two languages for the audio and the subtitles from the Nero Showtime menu when I right-click on the screen while the movie is playing. These are the languages that I instructed Nero Recode to keep within the movie when digitizing it. However, I can't get access to the DVD menu. All different DVD menu items exist in this folder as separate .mp4 files. But Nero Showtime doesn't understand the DVD menu structure. If I click on one of those .mp4 files, Nero Showtime plays it as if it were a video. None of the buttons in that DVD menu picture is selectable. If I select the "Menu" button in Nero Showtime, it just lists all of those files separately, but it doesn't create the original DVD menu structure from them. So, is it possible to preserve the original DVD menu structure when digitizing a video? If so, how does one go about it?

4. Nero Recode has the following options in the main dialog. They are:

Recode an Entire DVD to DVD

Recode Main Movie to DVD

Remake a DVD

Recode DVDs and Videos to Nero Digital

Recode Main Movie to Nero Digital

I understand that the "Recode Main Movie to Nero Digital" will just digitize the movie itself without any additional features or DVD menus. However, since I selected the "Recode DVDs and Videos to Nero Digital", and then went through the process of which items on the DVD I wanted to digitize (I selected all the items, but removed some audio and subtitle languages I didn't need), why am I not getting the entire DVD structure?

I would really appreciate your answers to these questions. I did read all the manuals but couldn't find the answer.

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