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Just like the title says, I have lost the ability to pass through DTS/AC3 audio over my HDMI connection with Vista Media Center.

I used to be able to do this using ffdshow set to pass both over SPDIF, but now that does not seem to work.

I have tried AC3 filter, but that results in horrible screeching audio (I may just no be setting it up correctly though).

I have cycled through all audio decoders in the VMCD utility, and most all of them result in AC3/DTS decoded by my computer and output in 2 channel with the center and 2 surrounds being outputted by the front right speaker. The only one that does not behave this way is the Microsoft decoder, but it decodes AC3 and passes it as PCM to my receiver, which would be dandy...but it doesn't decode DTS.

So here is the recap:

HTPC, running Vista Ultimate 32

Microsoft MPEG1/DD Decoder, results in AC3 decoded and passed as 5.1 PCM. NO DTS.

All other audio decoders (Nero, Cyberlink), result in audio passed passed as 2 channel PCM.

ffdshow, configured to pass DTS and AC3 over SPDIF, the audio not even running (evidenced by no sys tray icon). Video is running just fine.

I have searched and searched, but to no avail. I don't know what happened since I was able to do this a week ago. I may just try reinstalling vista and see if that helps.

Any suggestions?
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