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Help needed w/ PowerVCR & Hauppauge WinTV

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Just bought Hauppauge WinTV FM w/remote and PowerVCRII and to my surprise, once everything installed, PowerVCR cannot detect the TV card. The software that came w/ the card for TV viewing works fine so I think the card is functioning properly. But in PowerVCR setup screen, I can't even see the card.

I have installed the VFW driver as well as default TV viewing program WinTV2000 and WinRadio. According to cyberlink website, PowerVCR do support WinTV cards, so perhaps I did something wrong?
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I have this combo and it works fine, but PowerVCRII only supports WDM drivers, so you need to install them to use it. This is annoying b/c then you can only capture half rez in VirtualDub or AVI-IO. Supposedly the btwincap universal drivers at sourceforge circumvent this limitation, but I haven't been able to get them to work with the Tuner so far.
The other day, I was playing with the Hauppauge WDM drivers (version 3.31) that are currently posted in the XP page (even though they will work with 98SE and up).

The new ones don't work right with the Radio Program in Windows XP. They seem to work with the IR remote, but I have to have the radio.

So I have gone back to the 3.27 drivers. Problem is they are not on the website, but you can still get them on the FTP server.


I would get them before they are gone.
Actually I do remember reading abt. PowerVCR needing WDM so after the initial failure, where I reliazed the only drivers installed on the computer were VFW driver so I *tried* to install WDM driver manually by going into WDM directory on the Hauppauge CD and running setup. After all set and done. I *still* ended up w/ VFW drivers only. What gives? I don't quite remember the exact version number so I'll download these WDM drivers tonite and give it a shout... Tx.
Get the new WDM drivers from the website. They work great for me with PowerVCR
hmm, as per e vey's advice, I downloaded wdm 3.27 and re-installed everything and so far they all seem OK. PowerVCR is working although it sucks BIG TIME as a TV tuner program. The WinTV2000 from Hauppauge is far superior. PowerVCR would simply black out the picture if you do a lot of channel surfing...

More Importantly, has anybody figured out a way to tune in different TV system? The local cable company broadcast mainly in PAL but certain channels in NTSC. The problem is I can't quite figure a way to change the TV system for channel independantly. i.e. PowerVCR changes ALL channels to NTSC or PAL... Anybody got a solution to this short of using another program for Digital VCR?
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