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Help needed with HS10 repair problems at Sony Laredo service center

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I posted this (in slightly different form) in another thread, so I apologize in advance if anyone's reading it twice...

I sent my projector to Sony Laredo back at the beginning of December '04 to have the common "lamp bug" issue fixed. They fixed that problem, but introduced a new one. Specifically, when I watch DVDs at 480p through the component video inputs, I can see diagonal, rotating, pulsating parallel lines throughout the image, particularly on darker backgrounds. It looks like some type of interference, and before you ask the obvious, I've tried a different DVD player, different cables, different cable routing, and an AC power conditioner and the problem persists. The problem disappeared when I hooked up a VPL-HS20, though...so the issue is definitely with the HS10.

Anyway, I just received my HS10 back from Laredo for the fourth time and the interference is still there. Every time I send the pj in for service I include very, very specific instructions that spell out in great detail how to see the problem and how to replicate it. In fact, last time I included the Avia DVD so they could use a test pattern to more easily see the problem. I have no idea what the technicians are doing, but they claim to have made "electrical adjustments" every time I get the projector back, so I guess they figure they're fixing something. Yet the issue persists. I'd be willing to bet money that it's a problem with the new power supply that they replaced my original power supply with during its first visit to Laredo, but nobody seems to want to explore that possibility.

I'm at my wit's end right now because obviously Sony can't fix the problem, yet they caused it because it definitely didn't exist before I sent the pj in for service the first time. I'm going to raise holy hell tomorrow when I call them, that's for sure. If they can't repair it, I think I'm entitled to a refurb replacement at the very least...I can't watch 480p through the component inputs as it stands right now, and that's the only connection that my house is wired with!

What's particularly frustrating is that if a technician were to visit my home, I'd easily be able to duplicate and point out the problem. However, the only repair option through Sony with these projectors is to send them in for service, at which point you have to rely on the technicians to duplicate the problem, which is a tenuous proposition at best.

If anyone can suggest a good strategy to get this resolved, or better yet, a person to contact (other than someone at Laredo) about my problem, I'd be much obliged. My original warranty has expired so I'm working off of the 90-day warranty that Sony provides after every repair.
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any luck with Sony fixing this problem or replacing your unit?
I just sent my projector back for the fifth time yesterday. I was told that engineering is going to get involved this time around, so I hope for a positive outcome. I suppose we'll see.
I had a HS20 that went to Sony four times. After it was there the fourth time, they finally replaced it with a brand new unit when I basically complained that it had been there more than it was in my house.

The new one works well.

I had a Hs10 that was back 3 times and still was not fixed I finally told them to keep it and give me a new projector and they give me a new one. you just have to be persistent and they will give in.
I finally got through to an engineer in San Diego who's really taken care of me. Thanks Vinh!
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