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I hope this is in the correct section, if not would the admins move it please.
Back story. I belong to a social club that has a large video wall. However the person who installed and operated it has now left.
So I have been given the task of connecting and operating a 4x4 video wall display.
As far as I am aware all of the hardware is in place.
I know that it was controlled by a laptop and the software was NovaStudio 3.3
The control desk was at the back of the concert room and connected to the screen via cat5 cables There is a network type socket by the desk with two cat5 cables running to behind the screen. Where there is another socket. A cat5 cable runs from the socket into the screens.
There are no other connections or hardware.
Obviously I need to know how to connect a laptop to the system, is it via a cross over cable or straight ? And what else do I need to know?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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