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I need help setting up a very simple home cinema for my little boy. I know absolutely nothing about technology so I have no idea what I need!

I have a Optoma projector, nothing special, just a standard projector & a screen.

I've bought a DVD player to connect this to (I don't even know how to do that) :(

My main problem, however, is that I can't get the sound to work. It took me almost 3 weeks to realise that its because I have no speakers/sound bar (yeah, I'm really THAT bad with technology).

So firstly, what I need to know is, if I buy a sound bar, what do I need to connect this to the projector? Or do I connect it to the DVD/Ipad.

I'm really confused, alls I want is a simple set up for my four year old, it hasn't got to be anything amazing, it just has to work.

Sorry for the essay, thank you in advance :)

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You connect DVD player's video output to the Optoma Projector for Video


You connect DVD Player's audio output to the new soundbar or home theater in the box set you are going to buy
this can be done either use the conventional red/white rca jacks or digital connection (which is harder, so you can ignore it)


Take a look at the page above, should have all the info you need
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