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When I say newbie, I mean my wife and I have not bought a new TV in over 15 years!!!
AV Equipment:
Toshiba 52" LCD, Model 52xv540u.

It does have an optical and RCA outs for audio, and 3 HDMI inputs.

HTIB, Yamaha HTR-6050.

2 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI out

2 optical inputs, 1 coaxial

2 components inputs and bunch of RCA inputs.

Other Items:

Nintendo Wii - RCA outputs

Xbox 360 - Component outputs

Cable Box - RCA, Component, or HDMI output.


Hook everything into the receiver, and then out to TV with all sound controlled at receiver, but still having best video setup for all of our equipment.


To receiver:

Wii using RCA, 360 using component, Cable using component

From Receiver:

HDMI Out to TV and then in to a HDMI input.


Getting sound from all sources, but no video on anything.

The "helpful" person at store said I would only need an HDMI cable from receiver to TV for everything to work.


What am I missing or doing wrong!?!

Should I be plugging everything into the TV for best picture on all items and then figure out a way to get sound to the receiver?


Is there some way to make it all work with the receiver for all items?

For now, we just plugged everything directly into TV but that means no surround sound. FWIW, the 360 at 1080i looks amazing!!

Please help!!

I apologize for not including any missing info. For those that want to direct me to search, I have tried but many of the threads are so confusing to me I am not sure even what I am reading or how it applies to me current situation.

I thank anyone for any insight they may offer for some adrift in a sea of confusion!!


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The manual for the Yamaha HTIB should have information about whether and how it handles conversion of non-HDMI video inputs to an HDMI output. It may be that it only allows for HDMI inputs to be switched to the HDMI output.

But, you don't need to run video and audio together. You can run the video direct to the TV and audio to the receiver. For example, you can use HDMI from the cable box to the TV for video and optical from the cable box to the receiver for DD 5.1 audio. This approach allows you to maximize the video and audio quality independently for each device in your system.

I recommend getting a good universal remote like a Harmony. Then, all powering on and off and switching of inputs can be done with a push of a single button no matter how your components are wired together.

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Let us assume that you (unlike 90% of the rest of us) actually read the manual. I wasn't able to locate the manual online (perhaps the receiver has its own number--I just checked a photo on line--it is HRT-6050 but no manual at the Yamaha US site. Did you buy this overseas on on the gray market?). So here is my guess.

My guess is that it will not pass a component video signal on to the display via HDMI. You need to use the component end to end or HDMI end to end.

Your unit is an HDMI video switching only unit. That is if you connect a video source via HDMI it can pass the vidio, but not the audio, to the display via HDMI.

The audio must go via optical or analog connection, which you have done.
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