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Help newby builder with final sound alterations

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I just want to thank everyone here at this forum for turning my boyhood dream of owning a 120" television set a reality. I have developed a great home theater in my living room but the light requirements have left my home a dark cavernous place. One of the reasons I purchased my home is that the basement is unfinished and is set up wonderfully to turn into a home theater. I will begin breaking ground tomorrow; though I am starting at the other end with the laundry room while I make final adjustments to the theater. I live in a condo between two neighbors and am concerned about noise conflicts. I am planning on double drywalling as that appears to be a well accepted way of dampening sound. Almost all of the shared walls are THICK cement but there is a foot at the top that is a thin wood wall that does little to stop sound from travelling through. I am looking to find an additional patch for this problem area. The joists split up this area into a number of small rectangular problem areas. Any inexpensive HD products that might fit the bill? I am also concerned about noise leaving through the ceiling and it would seem to impossible to double up the drywall there due to weight. Is there an accepted way of dampening ceiling areas inexpensively? If you can't tell, I'm on a budget. 3K all told, including furniture. Don't laugh. Send donations if you feel that bad.

I'll keep you updated on my progress and any budget overruns.

Thanks again everyone!
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If I am picturing your situation correctly, that space between the joists will be handled with the ceiling sound treatment. I assume you have the floor joist resting on concrete foundation wall and the gaps between them are filled with a plywood or similar?
I would say that is a perfect assessment. This makes the ceiling treatment very important, but in addition to that treatment I would like to place special attention to these areas. I can hear my neighbors as if they are in the same room at times and I don't care much for that.
More than likely you would be opening a can of worms by removing what is there now. I am not sure as to what you can and cant do with a shared wall legally. The blocking if considered a fire stop which obviously passed code post construction. You could certainly add to your side making the fillers denser with layers of drywall squares. I dont think I would go to that length if you are planning a good sound control for the new ceiling. Have you considered a complete room in room construction ?
Is the room large enough to build soffits over the thin upper walls. That way you coul continue the double drywall technique on the upper portion of the room as well.
I think I will go ahead with the drywall squares. This talk of room in room construction makes me want to point out the severe budgetary constraints. I can't double drywall the ceiling as that there is just enough room to build within code but another half inch would break me. What other relatively inexpensive ceiling sound treatments are out there?
I checked my local Home Depot for Mineral wool as it appears to be popular on the board; however, they did not carry such a thing and even the place they referred me to was without. Where can I get this material?
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