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HELP No A/V signal

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Hey all,

I just setup my Replay 5040 DVR and although I am connected and set up, I am still not receiving an A/V Signal.

I have a Toshiba HD DirecTV receiver (DST-3000). From the back of that I am running a coaxial cable to the In Ant/Cable jack on the back of the Replay Unit. I am also using only the Progressive outputs. I can read all the menu's but still no signal.

I have the settings within the setup menu to show that the Ant/Cable In jack is connected to a Satellite receiver. I am usually pretty good at setting this up but I am stumped here?? Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks a million!! Is the Toshiba DST-3000 compatible with the 5040?

Brian in CT
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Um - the connection between a DirecTV receiver and a Replay is always a VIDEO connection (composite or S-video) NOT a cable/TV antenna jack. But then you knew that...
Ok I did know that but didnt have it connected that way. So in the menus settings for IN1 I changed it to Satellite receiver. Do I change to Ant/Cable setting to nothing or leave that one on Satellie receiver as well?

Now I have a composite cable running from the DirecTV to the Replay as well as a coaxial cable.


I assume this means you're ok...

If not, please keep in mind that many HD recievers will normally only output standard signal or a high def signal, but not both at the same time. So, if you're still getting no signal, you might need to toggle the HD receiver into SD mode...
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