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Hi, I just purchased a Sony KDS-60A3000 TV to replace my Sony KDF-55E2000 model.

I hooked up the optical/toslink from the TV to my surround sound system (5.1) and turned on the TV to a digital channel (QAM signal through cable to watch the Baltimore-Steelers game on CBS-HD) but there was no sound coming through my surround sound speakers.

There was sound from my TV speakers but not through surround sound speakers.

This same setup worked fine with my KDF-55E2000.

I tested a different optical cable and no change. I also tried my xbox 360 through optical in the surround sound system and it worked.

I tried changing the settings on the TV to "audio out" (instead of "TV speakers") and nothing happened. I also fiddled with the "fixed/variable" controls that owners of this TV know about.

Any idea what could be the problem?

Also, I looked into the optical cable after it was plugged into the TV and there was an optical/red laser transmitting...I don't know if that helps or not.

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