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Help Ohm ? PLEASE!!

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I have the HTR 340 Receiver that came with the HTRS600 Onkyo home theatre. The speakers that come with it are broken welll a couple of them. Happened in shipping. Long Story. My question is the HTR 340 Rcvr says 6 ohm rating. I am looking to get inexpensive bookshelf speakers for now until I move out of a small bedroom in about a year...I am getting the Sony bookshelf SB1000 speakers and those are rated 8OHm.....Will these work properly???
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Yes, you will not have any problem with that setup. You want to stay away from 4 ohm speakers with that system. If the power rating is at 6 ohms, the receiver will put out less power than its rating at 8 ohms, but you are on the safe side with regard to damaging the receiver.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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