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Hey everyone. I was hoping you could help steer me in the right direction w.r.t a basement remodel I am in the middle of.

I am just about to have the drywall done, and I thought it would be nice to have some speakers put in the ceiling for some audio. This is the general layout.

I have three rooms: GYM, BAR, TV ROOM.

Initially I was just going to wire the TV Room for basic surround sound. I was going to get one of those ONKYO home theater in a box units and end it there. As I was moving stuff around in the basement I uncovered my old stereo (Adcom GTP 600 and GFA 535 II amp). At first I thought I would use that and hook it up to power some in ceiling speakers for the BAR and GYM areas; and leave the Onkyo system for the TV Room. After surfing the internet, it seemed like it may be better to just use one 7.1 system.

So, this is what I would like to accomplish in a perfect world.

In the TV Room, I just plan on wiring that for the 5.1 surround. I assume if I am not watching TV I can listen to music through the speaker as well.

For the BAR area, I would like to listen to general audio (music). I assume that can be picked up by one of the Zones in the 7.1 setup. The bar area is 20 x 14. Can I get away with two 6" speakers or do I need more? I was planning on installing an impedance matching volume control in that room.

For the GYM I would like to listen to music, but I would also like to hook the speakers in the ceiling to a TV I will have in that room. SO on the wall I wanted to have the volume control, but also the ability to switch the speakers from the audio (music from the 7.1 system in the TV ROOM) to the TV. So, if I want to watch TV while on the treadmill I can have the sound come out of the ceiling, yet still be able to switch back to music. Oh, the gym is 24' X 10', so would 2 6" ceiling speakers be sufficient.

I think what I am looking for is doable, but not 100% positive. I assume it would make more sense to go with a 7.1 system for everything, rather than introducing the adcom stuff.

The equipment I am looking at getting is as follows:

Receiver: Onkyo TX SR506. I could go with any of the Onkyos up to the SR606, but I really could not see much of a difference in the other models, and I like the price point of the TX SR506.

I assume I need a speaker selector. I saw one at HTD, I am not sure if one is better than the other for my needs.

Speakers: I found a set of 6" speakers at HTD (MP-R65). They claim they can fill 250 square feet, so maybe I only need a pair per room. They are $79.00 a pair...If there is something better for under a $100.00 a pair I would be interested.

In general I am just looking for something decent. I ended up spending more than I wanted to when I went down the surround sound path for my family room (NHT Power 5, Controller and Evolution Speakers), so I want to keep this reasonable.

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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