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Help on changing a sony projecter bulb

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I have a Sony KP-57wv600 with red lines on the screen. Told that the most likely cause is the red bulb going bad and needs to be replaced.

Any help in info on changing the bulbs would be apprecieated.

How hard or easy, what needs to be done.

a srevice call will run me around $500.00 to have a TV teck come out and change the red bulb and $150.00 each for the other 2 bulbs. :)
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er, that's "tubes" not "bulbs" :D

I just googled the model number. That's a CRT rear projection TV... This group specializes in front projection, but this population may be as useful as the RPTV or Direct View folks.

If you describe the lines, or disable the G&B signals and take a picture of the lines on R, we may be able to offer some thoughts.

I know that diagonal "retrace lines" on some of our big front projection sets are often caused by a bad amplifier IC rather than a bad tube.
I need R,G & B "bulbs" for my Hitachi UltraVision Model 50UX52B while you're all off forum. :D

I'll bet $50 that it's not the blub, bulb, tube or whatever you want to call it. It's a fault in the video chain somewhere, and yes, it will probably run $500 to have a tech look at it, it's a lot cheaper if you take the set into a shop that will accept it. Service calls are expensive with the price of gas, insurance and maintenance of a truck. That's why I got out of doing as many calls as I can at this point.

Just yesterday I travelled 2.5 hours to change a fuse. Wait until the school gets the bill. $175 travel, $37.50 for time on site and $1.00 for a fuse.

In your case it's more complicated than a fuse. It's now up to you whether to fix it or to write it off and buy another one, which is what all the manufacturers want you to do. I say fix it if it's HD compatible.
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