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Hello, I have been browsing AVS forum for about a month now, and I am about to purchase a new T.V. tomorrow. I am at a crossroad right now, I am stuck on trying to decide whether to buy a Samsung LN40B530, or a Samsung LN40B550. The differences between the T.V.'s are, 1 extra HDMI port for the 550, 70:000 to 1 Contrast Ratio (550) vs 60:000 to 1 (530).

The thing that is puzzling me the most is the Video Processor's for each T.V., there is a 18-bit DNIe in the 550, and an 8-bit DNIe in the 530. The main uses for my T.V. will be playing PS3, watching Blu-ray's, and watching standard definition cable.

Will I notice the additional processing power of the 550 in high definition? Will I notice the additional 10:000 to 1 contrast ratio? The price difference is a hundred dollars between the two sets. Am I justified in buying the 550? (There is a possible week to two week back order on this set). Or should I buy the 530 (which is in stock and available for tomorrow).

Thank you all for your help!
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