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Help on new HDTV set

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I am currently looking at LCD flat screens 23-27" price range of 600-900$ and an not sure which brands to choose or which models hold the most for their money. I am not looking to include surround sound or anything big this is for a bedroom with an Xbox 360, please help me in my selection of certain types of brands/models which are currently the best.
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You should check out the display device section of AVS, you'll get more info and replies. For that price range you can get a nice 42" DLP for +$900 but maybe you want to mount it on the wall then go LCD or plasma.

Check with the LCD forum- you'll get better responses.

Personally, I'm partial to Sony LCDs- the BRAVIA engine is one of the best I've seen for SD and HD.
The new Samsung line is pretty impressive I picked it over the Sharp Aqous which is also pretty highly recommended in the LCD panels.

Good luck
I have the 3743u sharp and it is very impressive, The price is in your range at the 32-37".I havent had a chance to look at samsungs new line but I know that I was alot more impressed with the sharp then the samsung.The black levels are very good, The reports from other members on this set have been very positive, here is a thread to check out.


Hope this helps . Either sharp, samsung, or even vizio are very nice sets and you wont be unhappy with either.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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