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Help on planning a new house retro

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Hi All,

I will be moving into a new house September 1st. Unfortunately everything in the house is completed except for the floor so this project will have to be a retro.

Some basic house info:

3500 sq ft

5 floors

living room on the lowest level is prewired for 5 in ceiling speakers, and wired to the location of where the tv should be mounted

onq grey fox intercom system has been installed at the frontdoor and various other locations

about me:

license electrician so i can pull wire etc...

what i want to do:

add a distributed audio system

add 2 speakers to the kitchen

add 2 speakers to the library

add 2 speakers to living/dining room

hookup the prewired 5.1 living room speakers to the DAS

iport hookup at 2 locations

add a camera to the front door

how hard will it be to do the following:

add shade controls

add lighting controls


1)how much of a nightmare will this be to rewire everything to the media closet?

2)will my house look like swiss cheese after all the holes i have to cut?

3)For DAS i'm looking at sonance or zon, can someone suggest another brand?

4)for the camera at the frontdoor, do i have to use an onq camera or it's ok to use another brand?

5) When wiring everything to the media closet do I wire the wire to a panel in the wall, and then from the wall to the DAS?

6) i really like the wall plates for zon, can someone any other products?

7) for lighting controls, do i need to access it at the light or the switch? what about 3 way switches?

8) i see a lot of blind controls, but i'm looking for curtain controls, will it be the same brands?

Thanks for all that reply.
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