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Help on Projector Placement

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I am in the early stages of putting together my theater. The room is already dry walled and painted, and I am confused about where to put the projector. Basically I have 2 options as you can see by the picture. One is ceiling mounted, I just worry about hitting it with my head, I am 6'5". But then it is out of the way. Or I have a room designed for equipment behind the theater that I can place the projector in that room. I just worry about that stupid beam in the middle of the room and how low will I need to put the projector so the image doesn't get cropped. I am probably looking at 80-100" screen I haven't decided yet. Might need to go 80 considering how close we are sitting. Any advice on where I should put this projector? Thanks in advance for your help.

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I would mount the projector if I were you. Makes for a nice asthetically pleasing, professional setup.

I just finished my mount in a room with a 110" screen and have the PJ at about 15ft back. But it's a personal preference. Note, have the same problem you do and then some. I'm 6'8". smacked my head on the projector once, but have not done so since as I learned my lesson.
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You are going to have the couch almost 18' back? That won't look too big with only 80. Unless you tend to get really motion sick.

You can always do a coffee table type cabinet and place the PJ low and shooting up at the screen. Secure it to the floor so that it can't be bumped out of alignment by someone walking by.

Otherwise, if your screen is going to be a foot down from the ceiling, then your PJ lens needs to be a foot down to clear the ceiling bump. If your screen is down further than that, then the lens on the PJ can be higher by a proportional amount and still clear the bump.

So will most projectors compensate for my ceiling beam? Can I have the PJ 1 foot down and have it shoot the image downward like the first picture, or do I need to lower the projector a couple of feet so it looks like Image 2? I am just not sure if PJ can compensate that much. Thanks again for the help

Image 1

Image 2
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A lot of them, but not all, have various forms of "optical lens shift." This is what you want to look for.

It is not uncommon for a projector to be able to shift the image up or down by the entire screen height (all of the image be above or below a line projecting out from the center of the lens when mounted horizontally.)

Further, some have a fixed offset. It can't be changed much, but it already offers an offset such that you don't need to put the PJ right in the middle of the screen.

Also, a lot of PJ offer side-to-side lens shift capbilities so that a person could mount the PJ off to the side of the room and still get a square picture.

You're not the first person that has decided putting a PJ smack dab in the middle of the room would be an issue.

In general, LCD based PJs tend to offer better zoom and lens shift features than DLP. Have a look at some PJs in your price range and if it doesn't click, post the model number of some of them here so people can tell you what to expect.

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I was looking at getting Panasonic PT-AE3000U Projector

Is this what I am looking for

Optical axis shift Horizontal: ±40%, vertical: ±100%

Keystone correction range Vertical: approx. ±30° (this is to put it off center??)

Projectors are really tough to shop for so far. A lot get good reviews, and there is such a price difference between some, I feel like I should spend more on it, but if everyone says it is great why spend more.

Thanks a gain for the help!!
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Yes, the 3000u has rather accommodating lens shift and it would allow you to hang it like your Image 1. (fwiw, it is also the one that I am planning to buy in the next week or two.)

I would suggest you go spend a bit of time reading through the dedicated PJ forums (the official thread about the 3000u is in the “over $3000” forum even though it has a street price of less than $3000.) Just take what you read there with a grain of salt. If you are not careful, before you know it, people will have you convinced that you need a PJ costing closer to $10,000

-Edit- here is a direct link to the 3000u thread:


Don't feel too bad. The thread is over 120+ pages deep and there are still questions asking about lens shift and placement even on the last page.

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I have the same projector and the vertical lens shift works great. You shouldn't have any problems with mounting it per Image 1.

Epson 7500UB is a damn fine choice as well. Has lens shift, ISF calibration feature, mount and an extra lamp.

Stunning image out of the box.

Keystone correction range Vertical: approx. ±30° (this is to put it off center??)

Try to install the projector so you do not need to use any electronic keystone correction. It can add artifacts that can compromise picture quality.
Just wanna say that at 18'+ 80" will seem really small (you may not be able to get that small an image from 18'). You probably want to get the projector first and shoot it against the wall before you commit to any screen size. Good luck.
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