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Hello guys, I'm new on this forum and I'm very lost. By the way I'm french so excuse my english.

My problem is :

Last week I discovered the menu service for my UE55d6200. I just want to see if i can activate the Infra red captor ( because this model is bluetooth) and I have probably change settings and since this day when I watch a 3d program there is crosstalk on the second plan of the screen. The tv and my glasses are connected. It's seemed that the image is good on the first plan but splitting on the second. For example when I watch the logo of a walt disney film ( the castle ), I have two flags and two tower, but the name WALT DISNEY is normal. On other forum i find some information concerning the test patern menu but I have no knowledge on this part. Can someone help me please.

Thanks for helping me in my distress.

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