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Did you click on the link in the other thread that you did?

Basically, this is what you need to make it work:

1. Xbox 360 with hdmi output.

2. Must connect the hdmi cable from Xbox 360, to the HDMI 2 input on the back of the Samsung plasma.

3. Must go into Xbox 360 menu, and under console settings, there will be a special thing you can select where the Xbox 360 will "talk" to the tv via the hdmi input, and it will automatically set the Xbox 360 to the native resolution of the display. In this case, it will set it to 1360 x 768. The Samsung 3D plasmas will only work in 3D if being fed a 1360 x 768 signal or a 1024 x 768 signal. I'm pretty sure 1360 x 768 is widescreen 16:9 and 1024 x 768 is 4:3, so you definitely want to go with 1360 x 768. The 42 inch Samsungs can only do 1024 x 768.

4. Once the TV is receiving a 1360 x 768 resolution, then you will have the ability to activate the 3D mode. (Whenever the Samsung isn't receiving a 1360 x 768 resolution (or 1024 x 768) via the HDMI 2 input, the 3D option in the Samsung menu is grayed out, and non-selectable. You can only activate the 3D option within in the TV's menu, if it's receiving the compatible resolution.

5. Turn on the 3D mode, and select Checkerboard.

6. Obviously, you also need an emitter and glasses. Do you have the Samsung SSG1000 kit ? It comes with their shutterglasses and emitter. You have to have the emitter plugged into the special plug on the back of the plasma, and you have to hit the little power button on the glasses to turn them on.

7. Go into the options menu in Avatar, and make sure you enable the 3D mode, and set it to full checkerboard.

8. Also, you need to make sure that both the TV and game are set to sync with the left or right eye first. If the game is set to the right eye, then make sure the Samsung is set to the right eye. If the game is set to the left eye, make sure the Samsung is set to the left eye.

If you're still having trouble with this, hit me up on AOL Instant Messenger, and I'll try to walk you thru all the steps:

NeverScared456 is my AIM name.
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