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Help on which receiver to buy

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I have been researching receivers for a while and am having a tough time coming up with a good solution for what I'm looking for. I currently have a setup that includes the following... polk audio fronts and center (Lsi 7s and LsiC) with a Hsu sub and surround speakers that are older but good. I also have a new Mitsubishi projector (HD1000). Here is what I'm thinking at this point.... right now I have an older sony receiver (STR-995) that I know isn't giving me enough power and obviously because of this my speakers aren't being used as they could be. I am running my video through a component video switch and am thinking I would rather run my video without using my receiver. This puts me in a weird situation.. what I want is a nice receiver that can handle the sound well and give my speakers enough juice... they are 4 ohm, so I need some decent power. I think I can handle the video using other stuff and dont need to receiver to do this for me. Is there a nice receiver that will give me some great sound... but that doesnt have HDMI and all the video upconversion stuff that I could get for a decent price? I'm thinking maybe an older model that will give me sound like the newer ones do, but doesn't have all the extra video stuff I really don't need. Thanks in advance for your comments.
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Yamaha rx-v659. Mine will be here in a few days.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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