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I recently moved some equipment around and hooked my old trusty region free Oppo (OPDV971H) up to my main TV, a Sony KDL-52XBR2. When I popped in a region-free disc, I received an error message: "Unsupported signal - Check your device output."

Bugger. My POS Westinghouse LCD played PAL discs with no problem, so I'm a little surprised the Sony XBR can't. Is there some setting I'm missing? (I spent a LOT of time playing with both the TV and the DVD player.)

Assuming that it's a limitation with the TV, is there a region free Blu-ray player (or DVD player) that would convert a PAL signal without it messing up the PQ? I'd really like to avoid getting a new TV (or more accurately I'd love to get a new TV, but I can't afford it.)

Any advice or help would be appreciated. (I looked through the official KDL-52XBR2 thread, but it was really, really, long.)
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