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I have a 9 month old 65 inch Panny S2.

Last night while watching a recorded DVR program my entire screen went bright red. After fiddling with a few things I am uncertain what the problem is but suspect it is a bad board on the Plasma.

My setup:

Panasonic 65 S2

Denon - AVR2310CI

Blu-Ray DMP-BD85K

Time Warner Cable Scientific Atlanta DVR

What I tried:

1) first thing I did was try the Blu-Ray and it worked fine

2) I then changed to a different (brand new) HDMI cable from the AVR to the Plasma and this made no difference

3) I then tried to run the HDMI cable direct from the DVR to the Plasma and there was no difference (this should rule out an AVR problem)

After messing with all this I went to try the Blu-Ray again and now I have just a blank screen on it after retrurning to my original set-up.

Question 1: Does it make sense to get a new TWC DVR and try it to rule out this?

Question 2: Is there anything else I should try?

Question 3: If it is a bad board on the Panny what is my next step? I purchased it last November through Amazon.com?


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