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I'm going to pick one of these. It will be used for stereo only, so i don't care the HT Bypass in the p6. The amp: a PS Audio Stellar S300.
Most of all i don't know wich one cause the P6 is quite new and has an output for subwoofer, a Phono Stage input, including a newer and better DAC; but in the other hand the PS would have more synergy since it would be connected to an amp of its own.
The speakers: a pair of Infinity Kappa 7.1 Series II.
My budget is limited so i must take good decisions, and even more because i live outside US.

I read this thread, but in that time the P6 was only announced, if i not get wrong: :frown:

One more thing: It would be wise to wait for the next PS generation? :)
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