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Help pick a system!

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There's nothing more fun then spending other people's money. My brother just moved to LA from Boston, and has put me in charge of getting him a new HT system. He needs everything from the ground up.

Depending on room size (he's still searching for an apartment) he'll likely be purchasing Axiom Audio M22ti or M60ti mains, a VP100 center channel, and QS4 surrounds. The LFE will be handled by a Hsu...likely the STF-2. Video will likely be a SD 42" Panasonic plasma.

This poll is to help select his receiver/player.

OK...well here's the final four. Rotel, Denon, Onkyo, and Yamaha...Be sure to take into account everything...ability to playback SACD/DVD-A, price, prestige, reliability, and obviously sound and picture quality.

Things to note before you vote:

My brother is a lable whore. If it's pretentious and expensive he likes it. He'll NOT be upgrading...this system will be with him for likely the next decade. He's NEVER had a HT setup. Prior to this he watched tv on a 20" color tv with VHS. He's never owned a DVD player.
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Those prices are for both the receiver AND the player.
Whoops! Sorry 'bout that. I stand corrected. That being said, those are some amazing prices that I'd like to get a hand on ,except I'm not local to you...
They're all internet direct prices.

No B&M store would likely come close to those prices. (the Rotel price is based on a slight discount off msrp, as you can't get Rotel on the net)
Care to PM me some links at your leisure? And how reputable are these places you are looking at? Thanks!
I voted for the Denon setup.

Also, you may want to consider 'authorized dealers' for those components you listed.
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