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Help picking a 55" panel for parents

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They watch a lot of tennis and tv shows and some movies. Due to the sports I narrowed down the list to 120hz panels. I prefer Samsung or Sony. Spoke to a really knowledgable sales guy at BB and he recommended the following lowest models with 120hz. The x900h also has full array backlight which is a nice bonus. I'm in Canada so all prices are in CAD currently available based on online searches. He basically told me to try and find a 2020 model for best value as there are no great new features so I'm leaving out 2021 models as they tend to be more expensive and budget is an issue

Sony x900h $1,200 on sale until the 17th from $1,400

Samsung Q70T I see $1,100 but discontinued and out of stock.
Samsung Q70A listed for $1,400 but probably negotiable since it's a current model.

Samsung Q80T $1,900 120hz az well as full array backlight. way over budget. listed as clearance price hmm

The x900h has all the features at a great price currently and it is available. I understand it has good motion control but from what I read it's not great for movies. Most seem to like it for gaming.

Should I keep searching for the Q70T or just get the x900h today? Is the Q70A worth the extra money? From past experience I can probably negotiate it down by $100-200. Keep in mind this is for 80 year olds coming from a 10 year old entry level LG though I believe it has 120hz. Eaze of use is also a concern. I really like the Samsung interface but have no experience with the Sony.

The only other concern would be reliability. Any other issues to keep in mind? I read something about DSE on the Q90 models but don't know what it is (seems to be a panel issue). I want to stay away from the Chinese models even though CNET has a TLC as their top pick which has a full array backlight but don't remember if it was a 120hz panel.


EDIT: almost forgot, need apple airplay as they have apple phones/tablets.
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Sony X900H is a good choice, also watch for deals on the Sony X950H (brighter and more dimming zones) over the next week or so. Some have been reporting getting lower prices lately on these, not advertised prices.
900H's are being cleared out also as they are last year's model. The X90J is the replacement, but it's more expensive.

If no gaming, the 900H is a decent choice as there are issues with the HDMI 2.1 gaming features (4K/120Hz blur) and possible sound issues if using external AVR/Sound bar. Sony just released a buggy firmware update, but hopefully that will be corrected soon.
I have this model and no major issues and I like it... but not doing HDMI 2.1 stuff on it yet either.
The 950H is better picture, but of course also more expensive.

TCL is frequently recommended for lower cost TV's. Have one for bedroom TV for last 3 years and it has been fine.

On Samsung, probably want to stay in the Q80/Q90 models... Have seen not great things about the Q70, but no personal experience.

DSE=Dirty Screen Effect, which means the screen is not uniform brightness across the whole panel.. Some areas more dark than others.. exist in some degree in all panels, but some worse than others. When it's bad, you notice generally in panning shots with brighter background as the darker areas become more noticible and screen is 'uneven' as the picture moves across.
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Thanks for the responses. I have seen reviews on the x90j where it is claimed to definitely be better than the last year's Sony models (not including the 950h) and even beating the Q80T. I decided to go with the X90j as I am able to get a good deal on it from someone who runs a store and before ordering it I wanted to see it first. BB happened to have one X950h left and they also had a 65" version of the x90j and x950h on display next to each other. There was also a Sony rep available who helped me compare the two and after about an hour I came to the conclusion that the x950h was much better and well worth the extra $100. They had it for $1,500. I saw comments in another forum that on May 27th it was still $1,800. All prices in CAD. With the BB return policy, I decided to buy it with the intent of being able to return it if my parents find any issues with it and buying the x90j.

Once I set it up and saw the picture of the x950h for me there was no question it's an amazing picture. My parents were ok with it as well considering they only have the old LG to compare with which it totally blows out of the water.

The wide-angle filter is a nice bonus in case I come over and want to watch something with them. I couldn't believe the HDR brightness! I was watching one of those walking in Tokyo at night videos and the contrast between dark nooks of the alley and bright lights of the ads was incredible. Now I want one too :)
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