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Hey everyone.. my first post so excuse any newbie questions.

I am trying to figure out which receiver to buy. I recently purchased a 50" plasma (Panasonic TH-50PX6U, costco) - I've been using the TV speakers for the last couple weeks. A travesty, I know!

I have a comcast cable set top box (HDMI) and an Oppo 970 dvd player (HDMI), and my TV has 2 HDMI inputs. I am not planning on having any other video sources. Is there any reason for me to pass the video through the receiver?

Also, 5.1 is plenty for my setup. I have been reading on the forum and it looks like the Velodyne Front Row speaker set looks good. So I am not concerned about getting 7.1 at any point.. should that affect my receiver purchase?

I have looked around the forum and seen the Panasonic XR-55 and the Onkyo 504 as highly recommended (and cheap). I am not necessarily trying to save money, but I don't want to pay for features that I am not planning on using. Is there a recommended 'stripped down' receiver that doesn't emphasize 7.1 or lots of digital video inputs?

Thanks for the help!

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