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Time for a new TV so I can really enjoy my ps3

I want a TV that is 1080p and has alot of inputs cause I want this for TV,Movies,PS3(and other gaming), and Im going to hook my computer up to the TV as well

So far Ive done some research on the whole LCD vs Plasma and I decided on LCD (if you disagree please state why) Im also looking for sizes 37" - 42"

The 2 main choices i have are

Samsung LNS-4095D

Sony KDL-40V2500

I can get either one for the same price shipped plus 3 year warrenty

The Sony stands out to me for the backlights it has it has a "ACE (Advanced Contrast Enhancement)

7000:1 dynamic contrast ratio with ACE (Advanced Contrast Enhancement) 1300:1 static contrast ratio" is the advanced contrast enhancement a true 7000:1?

The Samsung has a 6000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio and as i believe no static contrast ratio and has a gaming mode on the tv

any help and/or input would be apprecaited

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