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Help picking center speaker

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Moving into a new house, has a large open floor plan (kitchen, living room, dining). There are 4 ceiling speakers in place around a fireplace. I am going to mount my Sony 52" LCD above the fireplace, there is a large mantle I would like to place a center speaker. Looking at a new HTD level 3 or a used Energy CC-10, either is $200. Have not heard either one - any opinions on these?

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To leave livingrooms with fireplaces and mantels in a more "formal" setting and more architectual, some people install in-walls with paintable speaker grills.
"Help picking center speaker"


10"D x 20"W x 7-11/16H

Big center channel! Powerful enough to be used as my R/L mains on stands in an MTM vertical position:

These speakers have a design that has remained unchanged in over a decade. Back when they were first brought to market, the DV series was considered astonishing to many reviewers of the time.

Regarding the 2-way bookshelf speaker that matches this center channel:
"DV62si #1 rated for accuracy over nearly 20 brands selling for up to $700 per pair..."

Leading Consumers Buying Guide 2000

The center channel? Well, here:
"The DV62CLR is hands-down the best sounding center speaker I've ever heard"

Home Theater Magazine

$100 - Shipped. Enough said. It is the best bang for buck available.

*If you are not convinced, follow the link and scroll down then read the user reviews.

Thank me later.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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